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The City of Simi Valley’s Community Projects Grant is an annual grant of up to $150,000, awarded by the City Council to local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations for community projects.  The grant is made available through an agreement between the City and Waste Management to fund community projects and programs benefiting Simi Valley.
Many non-profit organizations have benefited from this grant since 2011, Simi Valley Education Foundation being one of them.  In fact, the original agreement between Waste Management and the city of Simi Valley specified $75,000 a year should go to the Simi Valley Education Foundation in support of our grants and scholarships for Simi Valley public schools.
Last year, SVEF was not awarded any funds from the grant because the city wanted to provide opportunities for other non-profits in the area. We applaud the efforts of the city to spread this gift within our community for the betterment of our citizens. We applied for a grant this year in hopes to fund more, much needed grants into our classrooms. A committee was formed to make recommendations on how this year’s funds will be disbursed. Unfortunately, once again, SVEF was not selected.
On July 24, at 6:30 PM, the committee will present their recommendations for allocations of the $150,000.  Some of the recipients are not even Simi Valley organizations. We are asking for supporters of SVEF to consider attending this City Council Meeting and filling out a card to show your support for SVEF.
What do we do with the money? Great question! Simi Valley Education Foundation funds grants for teachers and students directly into the classrooms of Simi Valley public schools. These funds are essential for the classrooms and are designed to enhance learning for our Simi Valley students. As we all know, the state and city budgets for public schools are stretched too thin and without the support of programs like the SVEF Enhancement Grants our schools would not be able to provide some of the programs our children are currently benefiting from.   SVEF also provides scholarships to deserving Simi Valley students to afford them the ability to attend college when they otherwise may not have.
SVEF operates independently from the school district and each year our private, non-profit organization provides thousands of dollars and resources directly to Simi Valley schools, teachers and students in the form of enhancement grants.  All of the money to fund these grants is raised by hard working volunteers and in recognition of our efforts to improve Simi Valley Public Schools, Waste Management earmarked $75,000 a year of their contribution to our community for Simi Valley Education Foundation.
We need your support.  With these funds we will be able to fund these much needed grants the teachers are applying for. These grants directly impact our children and enhance their learning environment. For more information on Simi Valley Education Foundation, our Enhancement Grants and our Scholarship Program, please visit our website at
Please join us on:

Monday, July 24, 2017

6:30 pm

City Council Chambers

2929 Tapo Canyon Road

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