Each year, the Simi Valley Education Foundation grants deserving students’ scholarships so that they can attend college, technical or vocational schools. The Simi Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) will be awarding college scholarships this spring.  One high school student from each high school —

  • Royal High School
  • Santa Susana High School
  • Simi Valley High School
  • Apollo High School
  • Monte Vista

The Simi Valley Education Foundation is committed to supporting the continuing education and success of our students. By providing financial support, the Foundation ensures that our students are able to pursue their goals and dreams.

Our Endowment Scholarship Program is established to honor the wishes of the original donor to provide community college scholarships for students who cannot afford to fund their own education. These recipients are to be individuals who have shown to have a strong desire to succeed by educating themselves. The intent is that these scholarships will offer an opportunity or turning point in a young person’s life that inspires them to go on to be an asset to our community.

The Simi Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) awards three (3) two-year community college scholarships to students enrolling in a local community college each fall. This Endowment Program was established to honor the wishes of the original donor to provide community college scholarships for students who cannot afford to fund their own education. These 2-year scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a strong desire to succeed by obtaining a college education. These scholarships are intended to offer an opportunity or create a turning point in a young person’s life that inspires them to become an asset to our community.

Applications are no longer available.

2017-2018 Scholarship click here.
2017-2018 Endowment Scholarship click here.


Past Scholarship and Endowment Scholarship Recipients:

2018 Scholarship Recipients

America Espinosa – Apollo High School
Dalana Green – Monte Vista School
Sofia Ingersoll – Royal High School
Grace Payne – Santa Susana High School
Leanna Cherrette – Simi Valley High School
Mikyla Maglente – Moorpark College

2018 Endowment Recipients (2-Year)

Jill Hinkle – Royal High School
Isaiah Aguilar – Apollo High School
Mariah Lopez – Apollo High School

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Lidia Estrada- Apollo High School
Kelsey Nuttall – Monte Vista School
Kaitlin Theobald – Royal High School
Paris Gillinger – Santa Susana High School
Emily Winkler – Simi Valley High School
Madelin Boucher – Moorpark College

2017 Endowment Recipients (2-Year)

Luis G. Marin – Apollo High School
Herbert Alvarenga, Jr. – Apollo High School
Kimberly Vergava – Apollo High School

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Desiree Hernandez – Apollo High School
Sarah Chaffin – Monte Vista School
Robert Ota – Royal High School
Andrea Magat – Santa Susana High School
Allison Gillies – Simi Valley High School
Noelle Chodek – Moorpark College

2016 Endowment Recipients

Yasmin Alvizo – Apollo High School
Maria Valdez – Royal High School
Emma Mills – Santa Susana High School

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Beatriz Adreana Rodriguez Carranza – Apollo High School
Violeta Jimenez – Royal High School
Sean Jones – Santa Susana High School
Tiffany Kuchinski – Simi Valley High School
Jason Mathiyakom – Moorpark College

2015 Endowment Recipients

Chynisse Wheeler – Royal High School
Edwin Rodriguez – Royal High School
Brianna Peterson – Apollo High School

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Aguilera – Monte Vista High School
Cecilia Lorraine Jaeger – Royal High School
Kaila Mattera – Santa Susana High School
Davis Negrete – Simi Valley High School
Richard Samakapiruk – Moorpark College

2014 Endowment Recipients

Joud Ajjawi – Royal High School
Hunter Logie – Santa Susana High School
Jeremy Vela – Apollo High School

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Corinne Ador Dionisio – Monte Vista High School
McKayla Rosen – Royal High School
Natalie Titcomb – Santa Susana High School
Ankita Devareddy – Simi High School
Debra Smith – Moorpark College

2013 Endowment Recipients

Christian Louderman – Apollo High School
D’Von Henry – Apollo High School
Michael Chapman – Apollo High School

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Omar Del Villar – Apollo High School
Danielle De Phillips – Royal High School
Isabel Stumfall – Santa Susana High School
Sonya Apinyavat – Simi High School
Katherine Musgrove – Moorpark College

2012 Endowment Recipients

Daniel Lopez – Apollo High School
Jairo Loma – Royal High School
Michielle Marie Janie Burmester – Apollo High School

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Emily McCanna – Apollo High School
Isabella Cherry-Royal High School
Amy Strickland – Santa Susana High School
Shannon Carmona – Simi High School
Holly Houtman – Moorpark College

2011 Endowment Recipients

Dallin Jones – Apollo High School
Elora Bennett – Royal High School
Jessica Padilla – Santa Susana High School

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Matthew Cianciullo – Apollo High School
Kelly Ross – Royal High School
Kevin Callaway – Santa Susana High School
Alisa Samakapiruk – Simi High School
Vaibhav Thotapalli- Moorpark College

2010 Endowment Recipients

Tiffany Hendrix-Apollo High School
Breana Rivas-Apollo High School
Destinee La Fountain-Royal High School

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Harding – Apollo High School
Tasha Moore – Royal High School
Wendy Cabanas – Santa Susana High School
Michael Peddycoart – Simi High School
YunShun Zhou – Moorpark College

2009 Endowment Recipients

Victoria Robles – Royal High School
Nick Romeo – Santa Susana High School
Laura Zepe – Santa Susana High School

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Sandra Camarena – Apollo High School
Kimberly Tomas – Royal High School
Chelsea Carroll- Santa Susana High School
Heather Cook – Simi High School
Suzanne Ali – Moorpark College

2008 Endowment Recipients

Kelli Hailey – Apollo High School
Casey Jordan – Apollo High School
Santiago Jiminez – Royal High School

2007 Scholarship Recipients

Jorge Olague – Apollo High School
Kenzan Boo – Royal High School
Nicolas Lazzarini – Santa Susana High School
Kaitlynn Hamilton – Simi High School
Hsiangchin Yen – Moorpark College

2007 Endowment Recipients

Roberto Campos – Royal High School
Maribel Gallegos – Royal High School
Lacie Robison – Simi High School

2006 Scholarship Recipients

Vanessa Tregembo – Apollo High School
Brittany Scharf – Royal High School
Peter Henderson – Santa Susana High School
Kristine Klug – Simi High School
Tanya Pulley – Moorpark College

2005 Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Loranca – Apollo High School
James Stover – Royal High School
Rachelle Flood – Santa Susana High School
Michael Rodgers – Simi Valley High School
Shana Smith – Moorpark Community College

2004 Scholarship Recipients

Norma Anaya – Apollo High School
Megan Gilliland – Royal High School
Michael Asplin – Santa Susana High School
Megan Hughes – Simi High School
Renee Navarro – Moorpark College