The Simi Valley Education Foundation believes that investing directly in our schools is one of the best ways to improve student learning and achievement. These grants have an emphasis on INNOVATIVE PROJECTS and CREATIVE TEACHING APPROACHES, to provide funding, not otherwise available, for projects that have a potential to:

  1. Expand and improve a classroom, grade level or department’s academic environment
  2. Develop richer curriculum
  3. Provide students with enhanced learning experiences.

The Simi Valley Education Foundation selection committee’s goal is to select projects for funding that identify and address needs, challenges, and interest unique to the students in the Simi Valley Public School District.

  1. The primary criterion for dispersing and approving grants will be high-quality educational content and the impact on students and/or school.
  2. The project must promote advancement of skills or knowledge and add depth to the educational programming. Projects should demonstrate sustainability, where applicable.
  3. The Foundation encourages innovative and collaboration among and across grades and disciplines that will benefit a large number of students.
  4. Applications must be organized, well written, researched with support documents included, and demonstrate innovative and effective implementation that inspires students to learn.
  5. Applications must have Principal authorization
  6. Grant requests should augment and enrich the curriculum, and not supplant programs traditionally funded by district, state or federal budgets.
  7. Applications must include a detailed itemization of all costs and materials.
  8. We do fund many important projects, but you need to know that we do not fund:
    • Salaries, teacher workshops, field trips (including transportation) or technology hardware and other equipment, which includes computers, LCD projectors, flexible seating, printers and cameras.
    • After school clubs.
    • Classroom consumable supplies
    • Software

Our grants encompass a variety of subject areas.
Language Arts:

  • Books at school libraries
  • Classroom Slates
  • Classroom Dictionaries
  • Independent/Partner Learning Centers
  • Reading Comprehension Supplemental material
  • Lessons in Literacy – Increasing Literacy
  • Literature Circles
  • Novel acquisitions
  • Books for classroom library
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Reader’s Theater: Building Literacy thru Drama
  • Handwriting material
  • Biography Books
  • Integrating Effective Writing Instruction using the Write Source
  • Systematic Phonics Instruction Helps Students Learn to Read
  • Video modeling in classroom
  • Listening centers
  • Weekly Reader News Edition


  • Burets for Titration Labs
  • Minerals and Rocks
  • Mass Lab Activities
  • Garden Composting
  • Science Hands on Projects
  • Science Extensions and Explorations
  • Kindergarten Incubator Project
  • EYE on Science
  • Seismograph Station
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • The Exploration of Light Refraction
  • How My Garden Grows


  • Math games and hands on projects
  • Everyday Math Literature Library
  • Math Activity Boards and materials
  • Videos that Impact Learning Math
  • Math Tools for Success
  • Math centers

Social Studies:

  • Ancient history maps
  • Classroom maps
  • Geography enhancement material
  • A Window to the Past – Exploring Native American experiences
  • Learning ancient civilizations through art
  • Instructional materials: The “I Think: World History


  • Sing Along and Learn
  • Arts Attack
  • Online Art Lessons
  • Music Enhancements and some equipment
  • Let’s get fit and enjoy a musical classroom


  • Healthy Lifestyle Project
  • Vocational skills
  • Intensive Behavior Intervention
  • Outdoor motor/sensory equipment
  • Keyboarding in the 21st Century
  • English, math and science software that doesn’t require licensing