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The Simi Valley Education Foundation is a non-profit, organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational resources to Simi Valley’s Public Schools.

These resources include:

  • Virtual Classroom Resources for Teachers
  • New technologies such as computers and software
  • Teacher skills development and training
  • School library books and supplies
  • Teaching materials
  • Innovative curriculum programs
  • Supplementary programs dedicated to arts and science
  • Vocational education, career awareness and career preparation
  • Student scholarships
  • Support of community events

Our organization consists of parents, local businesses, and concerned citizens who realize that school budgets simply cannot provide adequate resources for teachers and students.

We work in partnership with the school district to help identify and support programs that benefit the students.

Simi Valley has historically been one of the safest communities, and now through active community involvement, our goal is to develop one of the highest quality education systems. We believe that one day, Simi Valley schools will be viewed throughout California as a model of high quality education achieved through active community involvement.

The citizens of Simi Valley have the capability and passion to make this vision a reality. By working together, we will make a real difference the lives of children in Simi Valley. Over the years we have provided more than $2.5 million to our schools. Working together, we can provide new resources, new opportunities, and a better educational environment for our children.


Lew Roth, a school board member who worked tirelessly to improve education in Simi Valley, founded our organization in 1990. Our board of 29 directors includes representatives from the school superintendent’s office, city council, the school board, local businesses, and parents.


The Simi Valley Education Foundation provides Enhancement Grants to Simi Valley Unified School District educators, either individually or in groups, to expand, enhance, and improve the school’s academic environment; develop richer classroom curriculum; and provide students with learning experiences not possible through the limited school budget.

In addition, each year, the Simi Valley Education Foundation awards five deserving students $1,000 scholarships so they can attend college, technical or vocational schools and three 2-year ($1,000 each year) endowment scholarships to attend local community college on a full-time basis.

The monies for these programs are raised through our annual Celebration of Education Gala, Tee Up for Kidz Golf Tournament, E-Waste Recycling Days,  and corporate grants and sponsorships.


In return for a (501)(3) favored tax-status, a charitable nonprofit promises the federal government that it will not engage in “political campaign activity” and if it does, IRS regulations mandate that the charitable nonprofit will lose its tax-exempt status.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Simi Valley Education Foundation to strongly state that we neither support nor oppose any candidate for public office.