You're Invited!

We are inviting ALL Simi Valley community members (ages 7-99) to develop a futuristic Simi Valley together (virtually). You can choose to be an entrepreneur and build your own business, focus on sustainability and build a city that helps our ecosystem, or if you simply want to re-design what your school looks like and how you want it to function in the future.

Challenge Dates: November 19, 2020 to Sunday – January 24, 2021  (Note: This deadline has been extended from initial date of Jan. 4th!)


Register teams of one (1) up to four (4) community members ages 7-99, read the rules and regulations. Students under 18 will need a parent or guardian to complete their registration.  

Get Ready For Innovation Simi Valley...

We are now hosting a SVEF Minecraft Challenge that allows us to get creative together, to CELEBRATE our Simi Valley community and to say THANK YOU! We are grateful that we have all pulled together during these difficult times.  Now lets see what our students, teachers, parents and businesses can do to build a futuristic Simi Valley.  

Are you new to the Minecraft world? 

No worries!  There are many tutorials on the internet (YouTube, etc.) that will help you get started.

Over the past nine months, our Simi Valley community has gone through tremendous change. From COVID-19 lockdowns, Virtual Zoom meetings for teachers and students, parents becoming ‘teachers’ overnight while trying to balance work obligations and Simi Valley businesses having to make big changes in order for their businesses to survive. These stories made us think: Since we are all virtual…what if we could do something FUN and get creative as a community to relax, celebrate and envision the future of our city… ‘virtually’? Are you ready for a future that is filled with innovation? What  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills have you learned from school that you can use within your Minecraft worlds? 

What would it be like if all community members had a voice in developing what Simi Valley could look like in the future (without political and overall general biases getting in the way)?

Steps to Submit

1. Register!

 Register teams of one (1) up to four (4) community members ages 7-99, read the rules and regulations. Students under 18 will need a parent or guardian to complete their registration. 

2. Build!

Build a Minecraft world with any “Minecraft Edition” of your choosing. Your world must be built without pre-paid MODS.  However, you can use command blocks and we encourage you to try out the Education Edition / Mode, if you are a Simi Valley student, to try the latest features on that version.  Any video submission must be the work of the Team Members, including but not limited to, the actual filming, editing, graphic design, etc. of the Game Recording.

 3. Submit!

Submit your recording (2-3 minute maximum) to: by Sunday, January 24th 2021 @ 11:59pm

Provide PowerPoint or Google slide deck that includes:
  • Game Recording of the project (maximum length 3 minutes) with no Personally Identifiable Information as part of the video, sharing only the team name and school (if you are part of a school).
  • Brief description of the team’s project including how their space celebrates Simi Valley and what they are displaying in their world that is futuristic.
  • What the team learned as part of their involvement. Did they learn anything new about coding within Minecraft?
  • Extra Credit: Use at least one of the following hashtags in your Minecraft World: #SVEF #CelebrateSimi #ThankfulSimi

View Privacy Statement to learn more about what we do with the data collected for this challenge.