2018-2019 Enhancement Grant Application

The Simi Valley Education Foundation selection committee’s goal is to select projects for funding that identify and address needs, challenges, and interests unique to the students in the Simi Valley Unified Public School District. When describing a project/program it should be something above and beyond what might normally be funded through the district.

Applicant Information
I UNDERSTAND THAT THE GRANT MUST BE: a. Compatible and verified with the SVUSD  IT department.  The verification can be arranged with your principal.  b. For one year only.  Renewal will not be the responsibility of the SVEF or SVUSD. c. A cost effective license since consideration will be given to those first.
Main Area of Impact
Please check those areas of study that applies to your grant request. (See next two section for additional funding opportunities this year.)
Community Health Plan Eligibility
(Please read below for further explanation.) *We have received a grant from Adventist Health Simi Valley that will fund grants in the areas listed below. Please check these boxes (In addition to the areas of impact above) if they apply directly to your grant. You must provide the explanation in your grant application below. Access to Health Care - Anything related to education in health care careers, certificates, exposure to health technology, health education Cancer - This includes anything that would help prevent cancer (lifestyle, exercise, healthy eating, clean water, clean air, reducing pollution) Diabetes - Anything that would include education, healthy lifestyle, research, exercise, plant based nutrition, gardens Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse - Lifestyle education, projects, prevention, nutrition, exercise, social support)
Amount needed / Requested
We aren’t always able to fund the entire amount. What is the minimum amount that must be granted in order for you and/or your school to raise the additional funds if necessary?
All projects or programs must include an itemized budget and/or costs of supplies. Please upload Word or PDF with maximum file size of 25Mb.
Program Description
Briefly describe the need(s) for this project and how it will benefit your students. Why is it critical to student learning? Please give specific examples and the need(s) that it addresses.
List the major objectives for this project. What do you perceive the results of your grant to be, and how will the project/program impact the students it served? (These must be specific, measurable outcomes that will allow project to meet its goal.)
Describe teaching methods that will be used to implement this project. What materials will be needed to implement the project/program? (“Paint” us a mental picture of your plans and include specific descriptions that may help in the review process.)
Give a time schedule of implementation. How will you measure/evaluate whether your objectives have been achieved? Are you able to assess abilities prior to implementation?
Please explain if/how this project will be sustained after the grant is completed.
Supporting Information
Please upload Word or PDF with maximum file size of 25Mb