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Teacher of the Month Program

Simi Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is proud to sponsor the Teacher of the Month Program (TOTM), which gives ten teachers in the Simi Valley Unified School District special recognition based on their excellence in educating and caring for the students in the district. The SVEF is composed of Simi Valley area business people, community members and representatives from the local school district who are dedicated to maintaining a supportive partnership, beneficial to both groups.
Recipients will be presented with certificates of appreciation, along with a plaque presentation. Gifts of appreciation from local businesses are also given to the recipients and the award is publicized through the local media outlets.
Process of Selection

  • Request for Nominations: Participating schools are contacted once per year by the SVEF to solicit applicant(s) to receive the TOTM award.
  • Selection: Committee members from the SVEF and at least one district official will review the qualifications of the individuals nominated and select ten recipients for the following year. Each nomination is confidential and the nominees are not informed of their nomination.
  • Deadline: Nominations are due June 28, 2019.

Criteria for Selection
Principals and parent-teacher organizations from schools within the Simi Valley Unified School District are all eligible to nominate any teacher(s). Nominees must be a credentialed teacher. Nominees should display one or more of the following qualities:

  • Demonstrates an outstanding dedication to students.
  • Serves on school or district committees and projects on their own time and/or participates in youth-focused activities in the community.
  • Helps students learn the value of local community resources in furthering their education.
  • Shows ongoing initiative for improving the quality of education or services to students


  • Provides exceptional instruction and/or service, where learning becomes more attainable for students with learning difficulties.
  • Stays current with new developments in their professional area of specialization by attending classes and workshops.
  • Shows superb contributions in working with at-risk students as well as providing quality stimulation to the gifted or above average student.

The principal whose staff member has been selected for the award is notified by phone and asked to schedule the award presentation at the recipient’s school during a regular or special meeting in the designated month of the award. The recipient’s name is kept confidential to everyone except for the Education Foundation and others involved with the award presentation until the time the award is presented.

Simi Valley Education Foundation
Teacher of the Month Nomination Form
Recommendation for school year 2019-2020