A great opportunity for you…
helping our schools too!

Don’t call it junk — it’s e-waste.
In its prime, perhaps only a year or two ago, it was the largest monitor, the fastest computer, the “newest and latest” TV.
Today, it’s e-waste: outdated, unwanted electronic equipment, plucked from closets, spare bedrooms and garages and can now to be recycled at the Simi Valley Education Foundation.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Simi Valley Unified School District Office

875 Cochran Street (just west of First Street)

The cost is always free and open to the public.

Why all the fuss about tossing electronic gear?  Many safe, common household electronics contain hazardous materials that are toxic when released into our environment.  Laws place restrictions on where and how the public can dispose of electronic equipment. Some components can be recycled while others contain dangerous levels of toxic substances and shouldn’t be placed in garbage headed for landfills.

Recycling days allow the public opportunities to be environmentally responsible by ridding themselves of e-waste at no cost.

The Simi Valley Education Foundation wants to encourage those of you out there to bring your old electronics in so that they can be disposed of in a safe manner. Be GREEN and help the Simi Valley Education Foundation earn money for every pound of E-waste recycled.

All proceeds go to our public schools!!

Items We Recycle

Computers TVs VCR / DVD/ Bluray Payers
Monitors PC Boards and Parts Stereo Components
Laptops Servers Telephones
Hard Drives Cell Phones Cameras
Keyboards Fax Machines Scanners
Computer Mice Radios Tape and Zip Drives

Sorry no batteries or appliances may be accepted.