Dear Applicant:

This Endowment Program is established to honor the wishes of the original donor to provide community college scholarships for students who cannot afford to fund their own education. These recipients are to be individuals who have shown to have a strong desire to succeed by educating themselves. The intent is that these scholarships will offer an opportunity or turning point in a young person’s life that inspires them to go on to be an asset to our community.

The Simi Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) will be awarding two-year community college scholarship this spring for students enrolling in a local community college in Fall 2018. Two-year scholarships will be awarded to a total of three high school graduates selected from the high schools in the Simi Valley who will be attending a local community college on a full time basis (minimum of 12 semester units) or participate in a Certificate Program at the Simi Institute for Careers and Education. Each individual two-year scholarship will be for the sum of $1,000 for the first year and after verification of the successful completion of classes, the student can apply for the second year allotment.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • The recipients must have a financial need. These scholarships are intended to make it possible for the recipients to attend college when they would not have the financial resources to do so on their own.
  • The recipients should be students who have tremendous potential, but may not have outstanding grades. The committee will be looking for individuals who have shown significant improvement during his/her high school career.
  • Applicants must attach an official copy of his/her high school transcript for the first seven semesters of high school.
  • Student must attend a local community college in Fall 2018 and carry a full load of classes (minimum of 12 semester units), or participate in a Certificate Program at the Simi Institute for Careers and Education.
  • Must include a personal essay providing the information requested on this application.
  • One letter of recommendation.

Completed scholarship applications must be submitted online by Friday, April 27, 2018.


Please include one letter of recommendation from someone that has worked with you either at your high school or from the community that can speak of your future potential to be a successful student in a community college atmosphere.

  • Your hopes and plans for the future. This is an opportunity to share your goals with the Scholarship Committee.
  • A summary of your academic background and any work experiences, school related activities or community involvement. (You may include a separate resume if you so desire)
  • Explain your need for scholarship support. Include any information you believe the Scholarship Committee should have in order to determine your need, such as family income, estimated educational expenses, and any other unusual circumstances that affect your financial situation.